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At the end of a phenomenal anime series called Darker Than Black, many loyal viewers were disappointed. Not only was the ending unclear and left too much open, but it downright challenged much of the earlier points made.

The thoughts over this ending can be found here (NOTE: Spoilers for any readers who have not finished the series)

However, many thought that there would be something made later to clarify. However, the only thing that has been confirmed and released is a four episode OVA series detailing what had happened before the entire second season.

All other inquiries on a third season have been shot down by BONES.

My goal, along with the goal of quite possibly thousands of viewers, is to have a continuation of at least a few episodes to the second season's ending for clarification, entertainment, and for the benefit of the company itself through sales of the anime and advertisement through various streaming sites which comprise a majority of the series' viewings.

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