Darin Zanyar, Universal Music Sweden, Micke Hagerman, Annele Hencz

In the beginning of 2005 Darin released his first record “The Anthem”. The record went gold and his first single “Money for nothing” went straight up to number 1 on the radio chart for several months and sold platinum.

Media announced Darin to be the most media exposed person in Sweden during 2005. That year the name Darin was also the most cumulative name in Sweden.

The same year he released his 2nd record “Darin” which went platinum and provided him even more success than his debut album. The album included his number 1 gold selling single “Step up” and “Want ya!” which was the most played video on MTV during 2006. ”Step up” stayed top 10 on the chart for 16 weeks.

In 2006 he won a Grammy, Rockbjörn, Nickelodeon Kids choice award and The Voice 06 Award in Sweden. He also won two NRJ Awards in Finland, one for best Nordic song.

In November 2006 Darin released his 3rd record “Break the News”. It went straight to number 1 in the chart and went gold the first day.

In 2008 he released his 4th record “Flashback” and the single “Breathing your love”, which was a featuring with american R&B singer Kat DeLuna and produced by RedOne. It sold gold the first week and ended up number 1 on both iTunes and the Digital List.

In 2009 Darin opened the first Idol finale with a cover of Coldplay's "Viva la Vida" and decided to release it the same day. His version had more success than the original in Sweden. It topped all the charts and sold gold a couple of weeks later.

On 3 November 2009, it was announced that Darin would be participating in the Melodifestivalen 2010, the Swedish show which determines the country's entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. Darin entered with the mid-tempo ballad You're Out of My Life written by Tony Nilsson and Henrik Janson and he came a 4th place. The song charted 3rd on the swedish charts. Now Darin is coming with a new album in Autumn, we're looking forward for it!

And now we Darin's fans all over the world,ask those responsible to promote Darin not only in Scandinavian countries but also around the world.

We also want to have the opportunity to see Darin in concert, buy his CD's, have his autograph...
We also love him, his great voice, beautiful songs. We also want to have a chance to take a photo with him, able to speak with him, hear his beautiful voice.

We also want to be part of his life, for show him how we appreciate everything he does! Please give us this opportunity!

Let the world know about the talented singer Darin Zanyar, he must be among the great and have really deserves recognition.

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