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July 16, 2006

Bashir has used the Janjaweed militia to murder thousands of men, women, and children while enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.

Parade magazine's David Wallechinsky ranked al-Bashir ..1 in its list of the worlds ten worst dictators. Most recently he has severely restricted press access to Darfur, an ominous sign ofwhat's to come.

When Omar Al-Bashir rose to power in 1989 he dissolved parliament and banned political parties. Ignoring countless U.N. resolutions to disarm the Janajaweed militia and end the violence in Darfur, Bashir has made a mockery of international law and the ideals on which the United Nations was founded. He seems to believe the international community will allow him to get a way with the wholesale murder of entire ethnic groups, and so far he has been right.

After the Holocaust the world said it would "never again" allow the wholesale slaughter of ethnic groups by any government, even if it meant standing up to a major world power such as Nazi Germany.

Omar Al-Bashir is making a mockery of this pledge by committing genocide on a budget less than of most U.S. states.

If the world is unwilling to intervene in a genocide committed by a relatively minor world player, how can we possibly hope to stand up to the next Nazi Germany?

Please Sign This Petition To Try To Stop The Violence In Darfur.

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