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Village of Hoffman Estates Trustees
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We believe that small-scale domesticated birds keeping is a healthy, economic, and sustainable way to feed and enrich our families and our community. Besides making great pets, This birds provide us with fresh eggs and encourage local sustainable living. The ability to raise chickens and other fowl offers educational opportunities for our children. Giving them responsibilities and teaching how to be a responsible pet owner.

Birds serve as a natural alternative to pesticides by eating bugs and insects, including fleas and disease-spreading ticks. Chickens, quails, ducks also eat weeds, and their manure serves as an excellent fertilizer for lawns and gardens. Backyard foul provides many benefits, which is why many towns and cities across the country now permit their residents to raise backyard birds. (Chickens, Ducks, Quail)

Many area communities have ordinances allowing backyard domesticated birds in the city limits including, but not limited to, Schaumburg, Villa Park, Batavia, St. Charles, Warrenville, Downers Grove, Naperville and all of Cook County. The City Manager in Batavia reports that since passing their ordinance to allow chickens have “not had any issues whatsoever”. Through our research, we have found that these communities, demographically, are very similar to Hoffman Estates and when considering allowing fowl had residents, like us, who desired to raise chickens and other birds in their backyard for educational purposes and for healthy eggs.

As this petition is started, chickens and other birds are not allowed in our community. We ask that you consider changing the ordinance to allow backyard chickens, ducks, quail within the village limits year round with reasonable parameters similar to other area communities.

Thank you for considering our request

We, the undersigned citizens of Hoffman Estates IL, ask that Hoffman Estates Sec.7.6.7 be amended to allow chickens and other birds(female only) in the city limits year round with reasonable parameters similar to other area communities.

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