District Attorney Paul Howard, Judge Elerbee, Governor Nathan Deal
United States of America

When the punishment doesn't fit the crime it gives our criminal justice leaders a black eye.

After 3 years and 9 months, Daniel has had no education, vocation or rehabilitation. He sits in a dorm with 60 men everyday, all day. How will this help him in the free world?
How can we lock up our youth and not give them tools for successful reentry? How can we ignore the dangerous conditions, poor healthcare and lack of nutrition? How will any of this help society. Who pays for this? We the taxpayers do.

We can change this by taking a second look at cases like Daniels!

We the undersigned hereby make a plea to those in authority to reduce Daniels sentence to time served. We will help him to regain his life and promise to watch over him.

His 15 year sentence does not fit the crime. He had no weapon, he had no priors. His conviction of armed robbery and bone crushing sentence makes no sense. Let's use Smart Justice and let him go. This will help save taxpayers money with out jeopardizing the citizens of Georgia.

We further agree to help where needed in addressing cases like Daniels in order to reduce overcrowding of prisons and financial burdens to the state of Georgia. This commitment will further Governor Nathan Deals criminal justice reform initiatives.

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