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On October 10th 2016 Dakota Stump went missing. Law Enforcement and Military officials immediately assumed he was AWOL. Family, friends and veteran related organizations investigated and searched frantically for 24 days with extreme resistance from both law enforcement and military officials alike, to include multiple issues on filing the Missing Persons Report.

Many confusing tips and leads came in and they were told that the Military was actively searching which included the entire base being searched with no luck. On November 3rd Dakota's Mother received that horrible call no mother should ever receive. Dakota had passed. She was told that he was in a horrible accident and had been on base the entire time. The case is still under investigation, and there are no answers as to what exactly happened.

We need to change Standard Operating Procedures on how Law Enforcement and Military handle situations when our Veterans and Active Duty Members go missing. Which will in turn allow not only Law Enforcement and Military Officials the tools to better locate these individuals, but will help the families and any veterans organizations to assist as well.

1. Open lines of communication and Free Flow of Information with Next of Kin/Point of Contact.

2. No time limit or restriction of Jurisdiction to file Missing Persons Report.

3. All video surveillance that is available from any and all areas, regardless of location will be made available to investigators immediately, and will be made priority by said investigators to review.

4. Tracking bank account activity and/or using technology that allows a phone to be tracked even when off per the August 4, 2020 memo from the NSA immediately after the Missing Persons report is filed with no required warrant or paperwork.

5. Circumstances believed to be the cause of the missing warrior should not interfere with Law Enforcement and Military officials immediate efforts to locate the warrior.

6. Specialized Investigative Search and Rescue units such as a Missing Warrior
Task Force comprised of Veterans only per Noncompetitive Hiring policies
(with specialized training and clearance) will be assembled. This task force will
be the sole agency utilized in Missing Warriors cases. The task force will be
dispatched immediately after the Missing Persons Report is filed and will be
afforded every privilege and access to search every area that may be pertinent
to the investigation regardless of location.

7. A special Alert aptly named -A Warrior Alert- will be initiated upon the filing of the Missing Persons Report. The parameters will be similar to that of the Amber alert.

8. Warriors will no longer be labeled A.W.O.L. immediately upon being reported missing, and it will no longer be a requirement for filing an MP Report on active duty members. Instead the Warrior will be labeled as DUSTWUN "Duty Status Unknown" until a thorough investigation has been conducted at which time if applicable the Warrior will be labeled as A.W.O.L.

9. Set up and Maintain a Missing Warrior Database.

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