New York City Housing Authority and Residents of 75 La Salle St., NYC
United States of America

220 residents above the first floor, many, senior citizens and children rely on the elevators in the 21 story building of 75 La Salle St. to get in and out.

The constant break down of one elevator is bad enough when at least one breaks down once or twice a week. When both are down, it is down right inhumane. The elderly must navigate the stairs or are not able to leave their homes to get fresh air, run errands, shop, bank or live a normal life because of not being able to rely on the elvators.
These elevator are fairly new and after almost 2 years of installation one elvator at a time, we now have elevators that not only break down frequently, but have faulty electric eyes, causeing persons to get "slammed" by the closing elevtor door, that does not even reverse itself when contacting an obstacle in the closing process.

The elevators stink and one would wonder if the work was done well enough, or if the maintainance people purposely allow problems to persist for the purpose of frequent returns. During the holidays, Thanksgiving, C hristmas, and long weekends, it uncanny how the elevators are always not working.

We, the undersigned, are fed up with the constant breakdown of our elevators in 75 La Salle St. We want the problems to be solved and the maintainance to be overseen to ensure the minimizing of down time, and frequent of elevator breakdown.

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