#Human Rights
Child Support Agency
United Kingdom

CSA is supposed to be looking after the rights of children by going after the fathers of children and forcing them to pay for the upkeep and maintenance of their children. But WHO looks after CSA and make sure they're DOING their job properly and ethically?

Who is making sure that they're NOT taking advantage of fathers who DO look after their children? Who speaks up for the fathers when CSA overcharges them, is verbally abusive to them and make it impossible for fathers to live and provide for themselves or for any new family? Who makes sure CSA is not lining their OWN pockets? Making sure the blood money squeezed out of poorer contributing fathers IS going directly to the children!! What's your story? We want to expose the CSA for the corruption and mistreatment of the fathers.

Please share if you also have a horror story and especially if you can prove it. We want something done about it. We want to make sure they genuinely do their job and cease the abuse of fathers! We're going to the press, the government, and any and all higher powers to investigate and do something about their abuse. Enough is enough!

We the undersigned are not happy with how you treat the good fathers and mothers also who DO contribute for their children. CSA has been for the most part, a negative experience for everyone, mothers, fathers and even the children. Because when dad can't take little Timmy out or buy him food because CSA took too much money out and now they can't pay the electric bill or buy groceries, little Timmy is going to have to go without.

If you cannot have representatives that are competent enough for the tasks at hand, then there needs to be a higher authority regulating and looking over you making sure you do your jobs PROPERLY, with properly trained personnel and with fairness to all. Because currently, you DON'T. You've been making far too many mistakes, hurting too many families and this must stop NOW!

We want a change and we want it NOW! And to every father or mother who has been overcharged to be paid BACK! Hear our voices! We WILL be heard, because we're going to the very highest authorities and will continue to SHOUT and SCREAM until JUSTICE is done for EVERYONE! PARENTS HAVE RIGHTS TOO!!

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