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Every year at least 750 cyclists are killed by a motor vehicle. A vast majority of drivers are never even cited for the accident. This leaves many family members to pick up the pieces and try to move on without one piece of justice to ease the pain of the death or serious permanent injury.

There are probably many more numbers than research shows, but considering there are many accidents that do not get reported unless there is enough damage done to the vehicle, we will never know the true count.

To date, the only law the pertains to cyclist's safety on the road is the 3 ft law which gives drivers the right to cross over the center line to move safely around a cyclist by giving them 3ft of space. With an evolving world, we need evolving laws. The 3 ft law was established in 2000 in Arizona. Since then 1,369,573 people have moved to Arizona in the past 8 years per the census bureau's records.

Other than a mere civil traffic violation and fine of no more than $1000, most drivers are never held accountable for causing death or serious injury unless alcohol is involved or they leave the scene of an accident. Please sign this petition for stiffer laws and penalties for negligent drivers in hopes that it will make drivers more aware of cyclists on the road.

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