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Hello dear Cyber Hunter players,

If we ended up here, signing a petition for a game, things already went too far, close to the end to be more specific. This is the last chance we(the signers of petition) will be giving to the EU Management of Cyber Hunter to do something about the cheaters. All the game modes are unplayable, having a match without cheaters in it these days is a MIRACLE and the failure of the game administrators to detect and punish the cheaters is what brought us all here.
It makes no sense to even mention the hundreds of reports made about cheaters in game, on discord, or even on the company's email with incontestable proofs of cheating, because that only reveals either a terrible management or them ignoring/supporting the cheaters.
Despite us loving the game and supporting it for so long, take notes EU Management, this will all be your fault, the downfall of the game and most of us leaving.
In the end we just ask you to choose between we. the fair playerbase, and the seasonal cheaters which brought you no benefits.

We ask the EU Management of Cyber Hunter(game) to do something about the cheaters, before we do(quit).

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