Warner Bros. / CW Network

We as fans of the CW hit series, Supernatural (Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki) which is currently in Season 7, can not get our heads around the fact that there has not been a Supernatural game released yet. We would love for this to become a reality in all the gaming formats (PC, PS, X-box, etc.)

The Supernatural fandom has shown over and over again that they are bigger than everyone think them to be. If I had the opportunity, I would be creating this game faster than an exorcism gets rid of a demon. Seriously...

What is it we as fans have to do to get this done? SIGN THE PETITION!

Are you a fan of the CW Series Supernatural starring Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) & Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester)?

Ever wanted the opportunity to drive the impala as Dean or hunt as Sam??

Sign the petition and lets get our voice heard for a Supernatural Game in all gaming formats!

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