#City & Town Planning
Norfolk County

Norfolk County General Hospital , was newly renovated back in 2005, with the new renovations there has been a stair case built out front of the Hospital to accommodate people with easier access to the Emergency Room as they park off the side roads.

Recently there has been a tragic death right in front of the stair case. My family has been greatly affected by this and many people around. The stair case was built with a cement platform that attaches to the curb by West Street, as it almost seems there there was intention for a crosswalk, but there isn't one.

Myself and many people want a lighted crosswalk there for the safety of other people's families so they may not suffer from such a tragic event.

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The Crosswalk to be built infront of Norfolk General Hospital petition to Norfolk County was written by Alex Jackson and is in the category City & Town Planning at GoPetition.