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Mornington Street is a major thoroughfare in the City of Stratford. Along the 3 km stretch of Mornington St. there are no controlled pedestrian crossings, stop lights, stop signs or other means to help pedestrians to safely cross this busy street.

On one side of Mornington is a large section of residential properties, Bedford Public School, parks and the Avon river. On the other side is another large section of residential properties, a group home, parks, the RBC Recreational Complex and Stratford Fairgrounds. Currently, it is difficult and dangerous for pedestrians to cross Mornington, especially for young children, seniors or those with physical impairments.

In 2010, the City of Stratford adapted the International Charter for Walking, acknowledging that transportation routes designed primarily to move motor vehicles through and around the city have frequently overlooked the importance of other modes of transportation. Now is the time to show Stratford has changed its priorities.

Walking is a healthy, free and enjoyable mode of transportation and Stratford needs to make it easier for its' citizens and visitors to walk safely through our beautiful city.

We the undersigned ask the City of Stratford to install a crosswalk on Mornington Street at/near Princess Street. We need this crosswalk to enable children to walk to school safely, and to ensure the safety of all pedestrians who need to cross Mornington Street.

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