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City of Victorville Engineer
United States of America

The city of Victorville has declined the option of installing a crosswalk at the intersection of Del Gado and Seneca Road adjacent to the elementary school, West Palms Conservatory.

By not installing this crosswalk it forces students to travel to either two major intersections, El Evado Road or Armagosa Road over a quarter of a mile away.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Victorville to paint a crosswalk between the intersection of Del Gado and Seneca Road.

The installation of a crosswalk would greatly increase student body safety while attending and returning home from school at West Palms Conservatory.

It has been observed that over 60 people, students and parents, have had to cross Seneca Road on any given occasion while vehicles continue to ignore the posted school speed limit of 25 miles per hour, increasing the chances of someone being seriously injured or killed.

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