#Roads & Transport
Essex County Councils Road Division
United Kingdom

On Saturday 15th January 2011, a young lad aged 8 was killed whilst trying to cross the busy Maldon Bypass.

Apart from the area's on the roundabout, there is NO provision for anyone to cross this busy stretch of road. I myself, have struggled to cross the road, using the area on the roundabout, with a pram and my 6 year old daughter. I have witnessed many others experiencing the same problems as myself. This road has a children's play area on one side, and a busy housing estate on the other.

Cars speed off the roundabout, having no thoughts or regards for the safety of any pedestrians trying to cross the road. Adequate provisions need to be made, to make a safer crossing area, so that NO other family need to experience what this poor lads family are now.

We, the undersigned, call for Essex County Council to make adequate provision for a safer crossing area on Maldon Bypass, to ensure that there is NO more loss of life, along with a speed reduction to prevent this road being used as a race track.

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