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Dear All,

The aim of this petition is to highlight the injustices that are happening in Egypt, particularly those aimed at Coptic Christians who are targeted under Tantawi’s regime.

Since the Army took over we have had hundreds of Coptic women abducted, some raped and forced to convert to Islam. We have had churches burnt; we have had our youth tortured and killed. He ‘Tantawi’ has freed fundamentalist Muslims and jailed innocent Christians in their place.

The Army has become the judge and the jury the ruler and the punisher. Tantawi has himself turned into more of a ruthless dictator then his predecessor Mubarak. It is under his regime that Copts are suffering and for this HE SHOULD BE TRIED AND BROUGHT TO JUSTICE.

WARNING: Due to the sensitive nature of this petition we advise against Egyptian Citizens signing the petition. We have had reports that the Egyptian Military monitor those who 'speak against' them such as the case of the blogger Micheal Nabil who was sentenced to three years imprisonment for criticising the military. We do not want to jeopardise the safety of those who are already suffering under Tentawi's regime.

We the undersigned seek the United Nations bring forth a case under the International Court of Justice against Tantawi (and his corrupt Generals) for their crimes against humanity.

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