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Total War: Warhammer 2 has a feature called 'autoresolve' which allows players to instantly decide the outcome of a battle instead of having to load in and out of the battle and manually fight it out.

The purpose of this feature at it's conception was to save the player's time and spare them from having to fight out tedious and trivial battles.

At some Point CA decided that players were using this feature too often and were autoresolving too many battles. Therefore, they decided to severely penalise the player in such circumstances and give an enormous power boost to AI armies in autoresolve.

Additionally, certain units perform unreasonably well or unreasonably poorly in this scenario, including non-armour piercing units getting hundreds of kills against a fully armoured army, even if severely outnumbered.

Autoresolve also has a tendency to 'nuke' certain units, meaning that while most of your units will only take 10% damage, one or two units will be completely wiped out, forcing you to waste time re-training them or continue without a full army.

The problem here is that Autoresolve is simply not fit for purpose. The player cannot autoresolve even the most trivial battles, because the AI will inflict ridiculous casualties and potentially nuke valuable units. Even if outnumbered 3 to 1 with inferior unit quality, the AI is capable of wiping out half your army if you dare press that button.

Reddit is littered with outrageous examples of such outcomes and evidence proving the dis-functionality of this feature is overwhelming. The only reason CA keeps ignoring this issue is because gamers have not yet taken a firm enough stance and demanded change.

What triggered me to make this petition is included in this reddit thread:

further examples:



The goal of this petition is to cause The Creative Assembly to rework the autoresolve feature.

Rather than simply remove the player army de-buff, they should implement a system that more accurately predicts the outcome of a battle, allowing autoresolve to serve it's intended purpose.

With Warhammer 3 on the horizon, there are numerous reasons to implement such a fix, and it would not be wasted on a title that 'already generated sales'.

This is especially important for Greenskins and Beastmen, who have armies that the player cannot control (including in battle, with a few exceptions). Thus, these races are hit most severely by the lacklustre Autoresolve. Therefore, CA's logic of 'forcing the player to fight it out' fails, as we simply cannot do that, and it makes Waaagh and Brayheard armies almost useless.

Total War: Warhammer 2 is an amazing game, and it's a shame that this feature drags the experience down so heavily.

Let's make our voice heard and let CA know loud and clear that a change is needed!

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