Well to begin with, Zelda Ocarina of time (on the game console N64), is one of the best game of all time. Since I was a child my friends and I have wished that someday Nintendo would release a version of this game where you could create it as you please and I though it would happen.

But Nintendo as never though about it...Then later at eighteen I saw all the interest of people around the world that had the same idea of me...they were creating hack and mod of this game and then they showed it on youtube... people even downloaded the hacked map so I though making a petition to Nintendo and ask them to developp a Copyright Nintendo Zelda Ocarina Of Time editor version and with the interest of the other people, I think we should be able to do something with this and I really think it worth it!!

Thank you...

I would like to make Nintendo agreed with my idea!

Create a copyrighted version of Zelda Ocarina Of Time editor in which you can recreate it as you wich. With the same graphic, gameplay action and same story or the option create your own story!

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