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I am presenting to you a petition in the fight to create a museum in the state of New Jersey that is solely dedicated to preserving trace fossils. Trace fossils include anything from dinosaur footprints, insect trails, prehistoric reptile tracks, plant material, occurrences in nature preserved in rocks, etc.

It has been a dream of mine to create a museum dedicated to this cause for a number of reasons. For one, most of the trace fossils found throughout the state of New Jersey are hidden away in private collections and not visible to the public to see or research. Secondly, the State of New Jersey has done very little in the effort to preserve any of the trace fossils found in New Jersey. And third, dinosaur tracks and other trace fossils are very unique to New Jersey and are actually a very rare fossil that is in need of preservation and recognition as a part of New Jersey's historical past. Through this petition I am hoping to gain support enough where we can raise enough money to at least purchase a facility that is open part time to the public as a nonprofit museum for everyone to enjoy, use for research, and educational purposes.

To date, I have one of the largest collections of dinosaur tracks and trace fossils in New Jersey and would like to donate my collection to this museum if it is lifted off the ground. My collection is larger than the State Museum of New Jersey, and to my knowledge any other university or museum in the state. So with your support we can build a museum for all the public to enjoy. To learn more about the museum please go to:


We petition here to gain attention and financial support to start up a museum in the state of New Jersey dedicated to the preservation and education of trace fossils found in the state of New Jersey.

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