Chicago-based heavy metal band Disturbed recently released their fourth studio album, "Indestructible." The first single from the album was "Inside the Fire," but the first song that Disturbed unveiled initially was actually "Perfect Insanity."

After "Inside the Fire" was released as a single, though, "Perfect Insanity" was "officially" labeled a single, and sold on iTunes and other various online retailers as such. "Perfect Insanity" is a song by Disturbed that they originally wrote in 1998, and it didn't make the track listing of their debut, "The Sickness."

I think, and many others would agree, that that fact alone makes this song legendary for fans. Not only is it a great song, remake and original, but it is old. Now, my only complaint about it, a complaint I share, for the most part, with the majority of Disturbed's fan base, is that a music video was never made for "Perfect Insanity!" There was one made in 1998, but it was very low-budget, and it obviously used the original recording of the song, not the modern remake.

All of that being said, the aim of this petition is not to force Disturbed to create a video for "Perfect Insanity," but rather to make Disturbed aware of the fans' desire for this video to be produced. It is not a petition of war, stating "Disturbed you must make this video, or we will stop buying your music," but rather it is a petition of peace and acceptance, asking "Hey Disturbed, we know that you're busy guys, but a lot of us feel that it would be cool if you could make a music video for 'Perfect Insanity.' It's cool if you can't, too, but we want you aware of our desire for you to."

On the "Making of" DVD packaged with "Indestructible," Mike Wengren commented that they modernized "Perfect Insanity" for this album because it would be cool for the fans. We're asking you to consider the fans again, Disturbed. Don't worry about charts and successful play time on MTV, you already have that with your two other singles. We're seeking you out, Disturbed, to ask you to make this video just for us.

I end this explanation with a simple request. Anybody who wants Disturbed to make a video for "Perfect Insanity," please sign this petition. My brothers, my sisters, my blood, we are disturbed! We will have our voices heard!

We, the undersigned, call on heavy metal band Disturbed to create and release a music video for their single, titled "Perfect Insanity."

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