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There are currently zero laws in effect to punish those who tattoo without proper licenses and regulations.

Tattoo studios have rules and regulations that we must follow for the safety of our clients while many tattoo with disregard of others health out of their homes, bars, garages, basements and so on.

Licensed tattoo facilities have to follow and abide by rules and regulations for cross contamination and blood born pathogens. Many risks are Hepatitis, HIV and much more. These are the same risks that clients and artists alike run into on a daily basis as with Dentists and Doctors. The tattoo industry has less restrictions than Doctors and Dentists, yet the risks are the same. If Someone was to practice medicine or dentistry from home with out the proper licenses, permits and training there are major fines and sentences, yet thousands of untrained tattooers are tattooing from unlicensed facilities with little to no training and putting others lives at risk with no sort of laws to enforce this. Doctors are required to practice in a professional setting, same with dentists.

Tattooers and piercers are just as high risk if not handled professionally because of exposure to diseases that can be life threatening. It's a shame that there is not stricter regulations for our industry when it's a medical field also as we deal with cross contamination, blood borne pathogens, dermatology, skin and body alterations/modifications.

We, the undersigned, call upon our Legislative branch to create laws for tattooing, including proper training, licensing, permits and facilities, for the safety of everyone associated within the industry.

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