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We the People all know someone who has been affected by the penal system. These individuals are in a vicious cycle of becoming repeat offenders, in violation of probation due to lack of finding employment.

I petition that the Center 4 Change start the program ROC (Rebuilding our Communities). This program will not only benefit society as a whole, but also truly transition these men and women back into society, as success stories.

This program will provide hundreds and thousands of jobs across the United States of America and not just for felons, and give back to the communities impacted by foreclosed properties, small businesses and the US as a whole.

We the undersigned call on the United States Government to allow a portion of the taxpayers’ dollars to support the Center 4 Change ROC (Rebuilding or Communities) program.

This is no different from the tax dollars that support or school districts, Police forces, Fire Departments and Human Service programs that provide assistance to families in need.

This would require less than 0.15 cents per taxpayer per check in order to fund the program in order to pay the employees who provide the service to the citizens, businesses, and communities of the United States of America. The services are provided year round and at no cost to the receiver because their tax dollars has already paid for it.

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