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In summary, this is written by a Huntington Beach resident who has now had two separate coyote attacks. First request was ignored, no response except a form letter style card. This is the second request.

Quotes from victim
" We have ALWAYS escorted our dogs out for a potty break, except for this time, there were two 60 lb coyotes waiting and attacked Lucy with Tom 2 to 3 feet from her; they were not afraid. We now go out and check the entire yard first and then go out in our backyard with weapons, i.e. knife, taser, golf clubs. "

Many other attacks have happened in the neighborhood and around Huntington Beach.

This cost the homeowner over $10,000 in vet bills.
This is the SECOND attack!
Coyotes are carrying Rabies. Dogs/pets that are bitten by Coyotes are quarantined for 30 days.

Coyotes have lost fear and residents are fearful for the safety of children, pets, and themselves!

The residents of Huntington Beach, CA are requesting action be taken by the city and the Mayor of Huntington Beach regarding the Coyotes.

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