The township of Atikokan

Covid19 is spread by contact, reducing contact has been proven to reduce infections. Businesses all over the country including local ones have already been forced to do nothing but curbside business and have found ways to make it work. To better protect the people of our community, especially from those people who have choose to ignore this pandemic and have no concern for the safety of others. I believe it is in everyone's best interest to force all retail businesses to go curbside or delivery. We as a community need to protect each other, we need to be leaders at this time not followers.

We the citizens of Atikokan petition the township of Atikokan to make all retail businesses temporaily CURBSIDE OR DELIVERY ONLY. Ask yourself what will happen if this virus goes through the 1 grocery store, 1 Beer store, or the 1 LCBO? No one entering these stores especially those that have no concern for your safety in or outside these businesses will greatly reduce contact. This will help protect both you and your family as well as the DEDICATED employees that have no choice but to risk themselves as well as their families heath to provide us with our essentials. WE OWE them this. There will be challenges and inconveniences, but they can be overcome with some effort and understanding. Let's lead the way to public safety not follow. Let's not wait for our government to protect us.
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