#Children's Rights
District and County Attorneys - State, Federal, Supreme Courts
United States of America

The American justice system stands on volumes of decisions from previous trials. Courts rule—sometimes even against conscience or reason—based on legal precedents.

Prosecutors and defenders often present DNA findings in rape and paternity cases. Judges, jurors, and society readily view this science as positive identification of crimes and criminals.

Such facts even seal or reverse capital murder verdicts. Through DNA proof, falsely convicted prisoners go free. Yes, and even traces of DNA autographs have sentenced thousands of felons to lifelong prison sentences. DNA also proves fatherhood in paternity cases.

We the People undersigned call on U.S. Criminal Courts and District and County Attorneys to judge crimes against small, defenseless human beings—CHILDREN; the ones silenced prematurely, aborted in their mother’s wombs. We implore the Chief Justices of our land:

“The remains of helpless, murdered babies must be subpoenaed NOW. Yellow tape should mark off all these crime scenes: Hospitals, clinics, and laboratories that perform abortions or use fetal material for any purpose. They must answer to current statutory code already written into law.”

We respectfully appeal to Honorable Judges to examine these findings of blood for human DNA. If such evidence exists, then Law demands that those responsible for premeditated murder and their accomplices be brought to justice. If not, thousands of previous judgments and case law precedents based on DNA evidence should be reversed.

Roe v. Wade and similar abortion laws must be rescinded based on the admission of irrefutable “New” DNA evidence.

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