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Facts about Russians

allways drunk
cant speak english
arguing/insulting in russian (because the cant speak english)
in some cases they dont talk absolutly nothing no info no calls nothing
After playing 2-5 Rounds with russian players u can insult the whole team in russian language.
75 % Cheaters (because of the low prices i think)
Its hard to play with people from there. Not all are bad or silly or whatever. But most of them are.

I started this to see how many people has the same mind than me. Im not racist but there are a few things that make me feel bad about russians in Counter Strike.
First of all 75 % of all Cheaters are from russia.
2. The Servers u play on when matching with russians are the same bad as the ones from spain. For players from the Northern EU its hard to play on.
3. If the russian is on your team he only insults or speak russian.
4. If the russian is on your team its bad as Hell.
5. If the russian is on your enemy team its hitting like a boss.

There are two possible things that can Valve do. Change the Matchmaking cue for russian players to Asian Servers. Or get them her own.

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