#Animal Welfare
Gold Coast City Council

Let's not target specific breeds of dogs as problem dogs. A recent Brisbane Supreme Court ruling has said American Staffordshire Terrier Dogs are the same breed as Pitbull Terriers.

Owners of an American Staffie lost their case even with DNA evidence that their dog is purebred American Staffordshire.

Now all American Staffie owners are under threat to have their dogs impounded and possibly euthanized because they are a restricted breed under GCCC local law.

Please sign to show your support that BSL Breed Specific Legislation is NOT the answer to less dog attacks. Dog behaviour is related to how the animal was raised and treated throughout its life.

The dog in question in this court case has committed no crime.

We petition to recognize that Breed Specific Legislation is flawed and American Staffordshire Dogs, while different to Pitbulls should not be targeted.

Councils should not target specific breeds of dogs.

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