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Many councils around Victoria provide funds for snake relocation services to be paid for by the local council. This would not be a council employee but would be on a "as needs" basis as reqests come in from rate payers subcontracting to local snake relocators. This would remove the problem that many people face in doing the right thing and calling in a snake relocator at their own expense which many people cant afford or choosing to break the law and put themselves in danger of being bitten by the snake or charged under the wildlife act as they kill the snake. This is an unacceptable situation for rate payers of the the City of Greater Bendigo and one that is not faced by other rate payers in other jurisdications,

We the undersigned residents and ratepayers of Greater Bendigo City Council formally request Council to address the issue of investigating the initiation of a snake relocating service provided by subcontracted local snake relocators. We believe that recent calls for this service in the community have been dismissed in an out of hand manner without proper consideration. We ask that the topic be brought up and discussed at a upcoming council meeting and look at the options available with possible co-operation with DWELP (Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning), approaching the state government to provide some of the funds to provide this service and possible use of council funds to provide this important service.

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