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Former British Prime Minister has called the failure to distribute vaccines to poorer countries is a “stain on our global soul” . This view is supported by many including the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that countries’ “blanket booster programs” were likely to prolong the pandemic by diverting supplies to wealthier nations.

When history looks back on this time, if we continue to remain silent, this will be viewed as one of the most stark failures of those who can, refusing to help those who cannot. We need to make our voices heard. Canada has it in its power to be a leading voice. We can join together to persuade wealthy nations to join to offer assistance to vaccinate those countries with low vaccination rates.

My goal is to collect 10,000 signatures and present it to my local member of Parliament as well as to Prime Minister Trudeau. We need to make sure our government is a leader so we can " Vaccinate the World" and ensure everyone has access to good health care.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Canadian government and Prime Minister Trudeau to take a leading role in assisting citizens of less wealthy Nations to ensure access to coronavirus vaccines for everyone in the world who wants them".

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