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Our mission is to create a source of recreation for dog owners as well as a safe and secure environment for their dogs to run off-leash and socialize with other dogs in the City of Corner Brook.


What is a dog park?

A dog park is a place set aside, typically a fenced area, where dogs and their owners can safely play and socialize with each other. Often these areas are managed by users, in conjunction with city officials.

Why Corner Brook Needs a Dog Park

As urban areas become more developed and people become more isolated, it is important for cities to nurture a sense of community. Many dog owners use public parks to exercise their dogs. Present city ordinances do not allow dogs off-leash in public parks. Residents of Corner Brook, however, need a clean and safe place to exercise, play and socialize their dogs without endangering or annoying people and property. Well-exercised dogs create less of a nuisance and make better neighbors, and dog parks help keep dogs and people active by bringing them out into the parks. For some dog owners, specifically the elderly and disabled, a dog park would allow the only opportunity for them and their dogs to play and socialize with other people and other dogs. Dog parks reach beyond social and economic barriers and are a valid use of public land. The establishment of dog parks promotes responsible dog ownership, prevents infringement on the rights of other park users, promotes public health and safety, allows dog owners a place to meet people with common interests, adds to the livability of the city and fosters a sense of community.

Demonstrate Need

Currently, the City of Corner Brook has no space where dogs can run legally off-leash. As a result, an ad hoc group of people have started to bring their dogs to a local soccer field. A facebook group of people supporting a dog Park in Corner Brook currently has over 300 members. This illustrates the need for a dog park in this City.


 Adds to the livability
 Forge friendships
 New residents feel welcome as common interests and playful dogs break the ice
 Fosters social interaction between diverse groups of people
 Pet owners will no longer illegally allow their dogs to be off-leash
 Discourages the current dog waste problem in local parks and ball fields
 Discourages crime and loitering
 Well-exercised dogs are much quieter, less destructive neighbors
 The City council can use the opening of a dog park as a met goal from their recently drafted Recreational Master Plan


1. Dogs who show aggression toward people or other animals must be removed immediately from the park. Dogs who exhibit a history of aggressive behavior will have their privileges revoked.
2. All dogs must be properly licensed and vaccinated and wear a collar and ID tags at all times.
3. Dogs must be leashed prior to entering and leaving the facility. Owners should have a leash visible at all times.
4. Owners must be in verbal control of their dogs at all times to prevent aggressive behavior. Dogs must never be left unattended or out of sight. Owners will be legally responsible for damage or injury inflicted by their dog(s).
5. Owners are required to clean up and dispose of all waste left by their dogs.
6. Dogs in heat will not be allowed.
7. Dogs must be at least 4 months old.
8. Off-leash dogs must stay inside posted dog park boundaries.
9. Children are not allowed in the dog run area.
10. Owners and visitors must comply with posted rules and regulations.
11. Park hours will be posted in consideration of neighbors.


The numbers vary, but most statistics show 601 dog parks nationwide and more being added each month.

Currently, there are dog parks in St. John’s, Mount Pearl, & Stephenville/Kippens

Currently, there is no space where dogs can legally run off-leash.

We, the undersigned, would appreciate the City of Corner Brook's immediate consideration in the development of a land parcel suitable for the construction of an enclosed off-leash dog park in the City of Corner Brook.

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