Novalogic Incorporated

Novalogic For Years Has gotten real cheap on there games by not adding good updates on them and they think there new games are better but only one game stands out tand that is Black Hawk Down! If they add a Drivable Vehicle Code to it and a Ghlithe Suit for the snipers and maybe a LAVR suit for the under water people i think Black Hawk Down Would Sell AGAIN LIKE WILDFIRE.

It is the best game i have ever played! and i hope all other gamers support me on this!

We want Novalogic To Add These Features: 1.Drivable Vehicles 2.Ghlithe Suit for the Snipers 3.LAVR swim Gear for Knifers,CQB, etc.....

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The Convince Novalogic Inc. to add New Things to their Best game ever. petition to Novalogic Incorporated was written by Andrew Stanford and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.