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His Excellency Hu Jintao, President of China

China and Sudan have been known in the past to have strong political ties.

We must convince President Hu Jintao to hold the Sudanese government to their commitments to the UN/AU Peacekeeping deployment.

It has been made very clear, in past months, of China’s strong political, economic, and social ties to Sudan. We ask of you, his excellency, that you hold the Sudanese government to their commitments they have made to the world in regards to the United Nations-African Union Peacekeepers deployment.

You may know, as well as we, that Sudan’s commitments must be watched over with a careful eye. Sudan has made such commitments in the past, only to back out later on. The Khartoum government also managed to prevent deployment of the UN peacekeeping action authorized in August of 2006. It was first time in history that the UN has failed to deploy such an operation once the Security Council had approved it.

China’s involvement in ensuring Sudan’s compliance with the UN peacekeeping deployment is imperative. We now call on China to take the following steps to protect the 2.5 million people who have been relocated from their homes and are now susceptible to the dangers of gang-rape, disease, torture, and starvation.

1. Use your position as a leading member of both the Security Council and the G-77 to push for the swift recruitment and deployment of the peacekeeping mission authorized by Resolution 1769.

2. Make it known publicly that there is mass displacement and torture of human beings in Darfur.

3. Make clear to Sudan that if it again obstructs progress towards peace, this will damage Chinese-Sudanese relations -- including trade and investment.

4. Engage in the disarmament of Sudanese military until the genocide has ceased.

5. Work harmoniously with other countries to strengthen work on the political peace process by the AU and UN envoys, and to pressure all parties to participate fully and unconditionally in peace talks.

6. Provide greater humanitarian assistance to Darfuri victims.

7. Fully participate in all multilateral peacekeeping efforts designed to advance a Darfur peace process.

We hope that, in future months, China can use their diplomatic power and ties with Sudan to ensure Sudan’s commitment to the peacekeeping deployment so that horrors in Darfur may finally cease.

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