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Mac users love amazing things that make Mac what is it and why they are very fond of these computers, but what can easily turn them down of all things are the new dock look, which some still hate to this day since OS X Yosemite. As much as the new one looks great, many like me would prefer the old one, so that's why I think Apple should consider adding the old dock as a customizable option so that everyone can be happy with how they want their modern MacOS system to look if they don't want to chance what they like. Better yet, this will convince probably convince all of the users to upgrade and not stay on unsupported systems just to keep the old style they're satisfied with.

When Apple adds the old dock as a customizable option in MacOS, users can finally keep the style of old or new style they want without changing what they like and can finally stop staying on unsupported old obselete operating Mac systems and this will finally make just about every Mac user satisfied.

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