I'm not a lefty, but I've never understood the problems of Left Handed Gamers. By a report of GameOne I only became aware of the subject and was looking for a solution.

Modding is too expensive and not suitable for mass production. Therefore, a Big Company must be given the responsibility. Those who have not seen the problem take a look at this video at 10:30 min: http://www.gameone.de/tv/224

Each of the Left Handed Gamers of course are particularly addressed but we also need the support of right-handers.

Allow dangerous opponents in online games, left-handers and right.

So sign for more fun and competition for the community.

The goal is to make a mirrored XBox 360 controller for the production and thus for all left-handers available in stores.

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The Controllers for lefties petition to Microsoft was written by Patrick Fiedler and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.

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