#Animal Welfare
London Ontario City Hall

London wants to control the unwanted pets in our city, particularly cats that run loose or wild. I have been associated with a cat rescue organization for the past seven years and I don't believe that the way to do this is by creating such a low limit of pets that loving families can have in their homes.

This not only leaves unwanted pets that could normally be adopted into loving homes because people won't go against the bylaw, this limit also doesn't help with the abuse and neglect of pets, either. People will abuse just one pet, they don't wait until they have multiple pets. We need to make the law against abuse and neglect stronger, harsher and be more forcefully enforced.

We, the undersigned, ask London's City Hall to raise the limit to 10 pets that loving families can have in their homes and target abusers and neglecters of animals more forcefully in order to help control the unwanted pets in this city.

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