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This petition is to urge the government of Sri Lanka to take urgent measures to control the flood situation in Sri Lanka, very particularly in the city of Colombo. Many residences and major streets that have never been flooded in history are now getting flooded regularly for the slightest rain. The present and past governments of all colors should take responsibility for the following:

  • Ignoring the environmental impact of unscrupulous filling of land all over the island and not being able to control this menace. A recent example of such irresponsible action is the filling of over 300 acres of land near Diyawanna oya for building a golf course, under instructions from the former president. There are many recent examples of corrupt local politicians unscrupulously filling land at the expense of helpless citizens.
  • The drain systems in Colombo and surrounding areas are in a dilapidated condition and are not being maintained despite heavy taxes being levied by the local authorities and the government from the residents. This is an example of callous irresponsibility and bad governance and these authorities should be held accountable for the lack of maintainance of these facilities.

We, the undersigned, call upon the government of Sri Lanka to take urgent and concrete steps to prevent such flood situations in the future. These steps can include but not limited to:

  • Appoint a high powered parlimentary/technical committee(s) to identify the causes and make recommendations
  • Assign clear accountability in terms of maintainance of drainage systems and flood water outlets from the city
  • Introduce strict regulations to prevent the filling of land without an environmental assessment with ablity to re-claim illegally filled reservation areas
  • Invest in preventative measures such as enhancing the main water outlets, creating pump stations etc.

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