Stephenie Meyer
United States of America

Stephenie Meyer should continue writing the Midnight Sun which is Edward Cullen's side of the story and some of her fans and I felt that she should write another one on Jacob Black's side of the Story!

We all want to know how much he loves her we need to fall for edward cullen more!!

OK Fans ! You all know what has happened and I need all you guys help to get Stephenie back in to finishing the Midnight Sun ! So you can sign as many times as you want.

We need her to continue writing the book of our favorite story ever! (Twilight Series) and if you got a friend who don't happen to have internet let them use yours and tell them about this petition! We need all the Twilight fans' Power ! Twilight Fans Unite!!

Don't we all want to know how crazy Edward is for Bella? and the more we know;the crazier we get over him !!! so sign and petition to change Stephenie's mind Snd make her reconsider!!!! and thanks for all of your support for this petition!!!

Support us @ gopetition.com/online/22732.hlmt ( for it to work you have to retype the web site your self)
and thanks again for all you guy's support.

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