Abdul Shariff s/o Maideen

Arts Central has run commercials of the anime "Hellsing" to be aired at 11.30pm, Wednesday - Fridays, come 5th January 2005, thereby implying the discontinuance of the show "Inuyasha" which started showing at the same timeslots in the last quarter of 2004. This news is extremely disheartening to the huge growing fan following of "Inuyasha".

We hereby strongly implore Arts Central to keep broadcasting Inuyasha at the same timeslot till the very last episode. Hellsing would be very much welcomed at another timeslot if Arts Central so insists on airing this new anime show.

We, the undersigned followers of the anime "Inuyasha", petition that this series would be allowed to continue right to the end. The anime "Inuyasha" has just started gainning momentum with its rich plot development and we avid followers would certainly not appreciate the axing of the show at this moment.

We would like Mediacorps to respect the audience's wishes and not disrupt ongoing anime shows in the future. "Hellsing" would be welcomed if it is to be broadcasted at another timeslot so as not to disrupt the current animes that are showing.

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