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This petition is for the continuation of season 2 for tears to tiara.

Tears To Tiara is a fantasy yet action and comedy filled anime. It is about a young girl who was used as a sacrifice to the great demon king who then later become his wife.

This is filled wit lots of adventure and a good story line.

From wiki (below):

Tears to Tiara is a anime series is based on the PlayStation 3 remake of the same name developed and published by Aquaplus. The anime episodes are directed by Tomoki Kobayashi, written by Tōko Machida and produced by the animation studio White Fox. The episodes began a simulcast broadcast in both Japan and Asia exactly the same time on 5 April 2009 by Chiba TV and Animax-Asia respectively, thus becoming the first anime to have a new world record for the fastest broadcast outside Japan.

Tears to Tiara is broadcast in Animax-Asia with English subtitles in Singapore and other local languages subtitles in each market area of Asia. Now Animax Asia is also airing the anime with English Language dubs, started on July 22, 2010.

Please sign so we can actually be able to get funimation to make a season 2.

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