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The recent series finale of Prison Break left fans around the world hugely disappointed. The death of the main character is regarded like a slap in the face from the producers to the fans that have been loyal for so many years who consider that they deserved a happy ending.

In season 3 Sara's character was absent but due to the high number of fan requests she was brought back in season 4. That means producers pay attention to what their viewers want.


Considering this, we are now asking the producers of Prison Break to start the making of a new season. Michael Scofield should not be killed, please bring him back and allow him to meet his son.

As viewers did not actually see his dead body, the moments in the end of episode 22 when Sara, Michael Jr, Linc, Mahone and Sucre gather at his tombstone can be considered a nightmare that Michael had...

There are ways to bring him back, please do it for us, loyal fans.

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