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Province of BC

The customers and employees of provincially licensed, private cannabis retailers call on the Solicitor General of BC, Minister Mike Farnworth, to enact further physical distancing measures to protect both public health and essential workers during the COVID-19 emergency.

In addition to "click and collect" and over the phone ordering,
we request that the government enact and support two further changes to cannabis retail. These measures would be effective in supporting physical distancing measures recommended by public health authorities.

•Online Payment
•Door-to-Door Delivery

Online Payment
In the interest of balancing public health, along with customers' need to access legal cannabis, and the long-term economic health of small cannabis businesses, we ask that the Government of British Columbia allow retailers to sell their products online or by phone and collect payment in advance.

Allowing for payment in advance avoids the major remaining point of contamination in a “click and collect” transaction: the requirement to accept cash or interact with the payment processing machine. Pre-payment would reduce contact in store to the absolute minimum, and would facilitate the best possible circumstances for social distancing. This measure would serve to better protect both staff and customers during in store transactions.

Direct Delivery
To accommodate those that are unable to leave their homes due to being immunocompromised or in self isolation, we ask that delivery be allowed directly to customers from the regulated private retailer of their choice.
Direct delivery is currently available to the residents of Saskatchewan and Ontario via provincially licensed retailers. These existing regulations should be adapted for the BC sector, as they represent the latest evolution of best practices for cannabis retail during the COVID-19 health emergency.

Providing safer access to regulated cannabis is vital to protecting public health and safety. Direct delivery from licensed private cannabis stores, conducted in compliance with all health and safety standards, provides local communities with an essential and regulated point of access.

We ask that you support cannabis retail workers and customers, and enact these changes as soon as possible.

We, the undersigned, call on the Solicitor General of BC, Minister Mike Farnworth, to immediately allow for online payment and door to door delivery of legal cannabis products from provincially licensed, private cannabis retailers.

These measures would server to protect public health, support small business, and advance the adoption of legal of cannabis in BC.

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