The Government of Great Britain & Northern Ireland
United Kingdom

It is a fact, successive governments have made major decisions which affect the people of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, yet they fail to consult them. In some circumstances, such as going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan this has cost lives and heartbreak. In other circumstances, such as Europe and the Lisbon Treaty, political leaders have promised a referendum, only to withdraw their offer.

The National Liberal Party believes in direct democracy along similar lines to those currently used in Switzerland. We call for this to be introduced into law enabling the people to be consulted before we enter into conflicts which do not necessarily concern this country, as well as other major decisions of national importance.

Switzerland has proved this can work. Therefore we believe it is time we followed the successful Swiss example, and allow the people of England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland to be consulted via referendum as part of the democratic process of government.

Everyday important decisions are made by Government which directly affects the people. However the people are never consulted as part of the decision making process. The war in Afghanistan is just one example of this.

The National Liberal Party and the undersigned call for the introduction into law the use of Referendums based on the successful direct democracy system used in Switzerland, allowing people to vote on major issues such as Europe (including renegotiating the Lisbon Treaty), Nuclear power, immigration, the creation of an English Parliament and going to war.

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