Lancashire County Council
United Kingdom

Lancashire County Council have taken nearly 6 months to draft and bring their controversial Home Education Policy to consultation.

Many concerns have been aired about the policy and procedures, and the misrepresentation of the law in them.

The council aim to take only 8 working days to consider the consultation responses and rewrite the document in order to meet the December deadline that would allow the policy to be signed off in January. Home educators believe this is unacceptable and given the controversy surrounding the document, request that the next version of the document be consulted on also.

We believe it would be more efficient and less costly in the long run to involve Home Educators in the drafting process.

Having taken 6 months to get this far, it is not acceptable to rush the important stage of considering consultation responses and making appropriate changes.

Given the views expressed so far, it seems likely that there will need to be major changes to the document and that further consultation on future versions should take place.

We petition Lancashire County Council to further consult Home Educators on the next version of their Home Education Policy, rather than rush to finalise the document within 8 working days of the current consultation closing.

We urge the Council to involve Home Educators in the drafting process.

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