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Illegal immigration via the Mexican/American borders has become a problem of pandemic proportions, and it needs to be dealt with urgently.

Every year hundreds of thousands of undocumented people cross the borders, bringing an over abundance of violent crimes, sexual deviants, identity theft and fraud, welfare abuse, tax evasion and fraud, and many many other important and preventable issues.

Recently drug cartels from South of the border are overflowing into our nation and kidnapping children, murdering families, and spreading dangerous drugs like heroine, cocaine and meth into our neighborhoods.

We, the concerned citizens of the United States of America, call to the United States government to dig deeper into the illegal immigration problem of our nation.

Our recommendation being the construction of four or five large facilities on the Mexican/American borders, that will not only enforce our immigration laws, but take in immigrants and teach them English and prepare them for life in our culture.

This idea, in theory could not only prevent the spread of sex offenders, drug cartels and other criminals into our neighborhoods, but also create employment opportunities for people all over the United States, and especially those who have lost their jobs in the recent economical crisis.

These facilities can employ doctors, guards, nurses, cleaning crew, cooks, teachers, and more, and can offer valuable opportunities to immigrants who do not pose as a threat to our society.

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