Conservatives in all political parties.
United States of America

Liberal Socialism is threatening our nations identity. Our Constitution is under fire even as Socialist Liberals call our founding fathers racists and bigots.

The same framers of our founding documents who had the foresight to put in place mechanisms to right wrongs and injustices are being demonized.

Socialists are teaching our children, running our country and in positions of extreme power across the board.


Do we live conservative values? Do we currently have a career that allows us the opportunity either daily, or in our spare time to spread the message? If we do, we must start with the youth. Oh yea the parents are important as well because kids learn from them but something I have learned having 3 children of my own is, kids learn almost as much about their values in places like school, church, and after school care.

Are you a home daycare, a teacher, or a Sunday School Teacher? Do you come into contact with children? Pass on our conservative values at every opportunity. Also, I have pledged to run for office in the next election and I urge any other conservative who can withstand the beating attacks your Democrat opponents will levy to do the same.

Who will stand with me in their home state and fight against the liberals? Who will help me build a nationwide Conservative movement?

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