#Law & Order
FBI and Secret Service
United States of America

Let me start by saying I believe in the US Constitution and its amendments. But some people have pushed constitutionally protected speech to its limit. Those people have directly attacked our government: especially our President. For example, you have Madonna saying she dreams of blowing up the White House, and Snoop Dog pretending to shoot the President. Unfortunately these people have the ability to say and do such things before a large audience, due to there celebrity status. Where are the consequences for their actions. Not only does such speech and actions provoke others to do the same, it also sends a negative message about our country to the people of other countries. Words that incite criminal actions are not protected speech. Words that criticize our country are one thing, but when they discredit our country that is something else, and should have consequences. You don't have to like the President, but you need to respect the office and our country.

We the undersigned call on the FBI and Secret Service to take appropriate action against such inciting words and actions that cast such a negative connotation on our country and its government.

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