Those who want to tattoo or continue to tattoo

2 billion people out of 6.5 billion people on earth are now infected with deadly hepatitis B.

According to various world health organizations tattooing is a significant contributing source of hepatitis B and HIV worldwide, especially in 2nd and 3rd world countries, where tattoo/piercing parlors are poorly regulated or have no effective regulation at all concerning clean/sterile tattooing needles and clean/ sterile tattooing inkwells.

Many indigenous people worldwide, who still practice tattooing as part of their ancient cultural and religious practices, including many Amazon Indian tribes are now suffering from plagues of extremely viralent and deadly forms of hepatitis B from tattooing with dirty needles etc.

Americans are some of the most prolific and exhibitionist tattooers on earth, we advertise tattooing to the 2nd and 3rd world, through music videos, music channels, tattooed professional athletes, celebrities and shows dedicated to tattooing like "L.A. Ink" etc. These shows are broadcast worldwide through satellite, we now broadcast death to the 2nd and 3rd world through our promotion of tattooing etc.

We the undersigned will refrain from further tattooing because we don't want to lead others in 2nd and 3rd world countries who seek to emulate us and our culture, into doing something that will potentially kill them and infect their wives, children and friends, increasing this modern worldwide plague.

Millions of young students from other countries now attend college in the U.S. which further exposes them to the positive and negative aspects of American culture which includes tattooing.

We now understand that billions of people worldwide are infected with deadly hepatitis B and millions of others are also infected with deadly hepatitis C and also HIV.

We also understand that through the U.S. media/cable airwaves and various sports and music celebrities who are heavily tattooed, we are broadcasting and advocating tattooing/sickness and death to the entire world through our television media. This advocacy and advertisement of tattooing through our television media is now a significant contributing factor to a worldwide plague of hepatitis and HIV.

We will get tested for these diseases, especially if we are tattooed, have used intravenous drugs or practice casual sex.

We will seek to get vaccinated against hepatitis B and C and refrain from casual sex or practice safe sex, as much as that is possible to avoid becoming infected or infecting others with with hepatitis B, C and HIV/AIDS.

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