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Congressman Hon. Dana Rohrabacher
South Azerbaijan

Washington, Sep 13 - Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) has introduced a House Concurrent Resolution that states the “Azeri people, currently divided between Azerbaijan and Iran, have the right to self-determination and to their own sovereign country, if they so choose.”

“The Azeri people have an innate right to choose their own political structure and to choose their country,” said Rohrabacher. “It is not up to bureaucrats in Washington or the mullah dictatorship in Iran. The ethnic Azeri’s in Azerbaijan enjoy sovereignty and independence; there is no reason why the Azeri population in Iran should not be able to make that same choice. This principle holds true for all the people who live in Iran.”

Rep. Rohrabacher wrote to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton previously that the Azeri homeland was split between Imperial Russia and the Persian Empire in 1828 without the consent of the Azeri people. Inspired by political discussions currently ongoing within Azerbaijan’s Parliament, Rep. Rohrabacher stated that,

“My resolution puts the US on the side of the Azeri people and with the people within Iran,” said Rohrabacher. “If the people on the ground don’t want to be ruled by the mullah dictatorship in Iran, then we should support their right to determine their future through a referendum. It is disconcerting to me that the State Department and Tehran agree that the people of Iran should be forced to live within the borders and under the same jurisdiction no matter how the majority of the Azeris believe. I am calling on the government of Iran to provide its Azeri population with a referendum to determine their own future state.”

We the undersigned, strongly support Congressman Hon. Dana Rohrabacher for his letter to Secretary of State Hon. Hillary Clinton about independence of South Azerbaijan from Iran.

It has been two centuries that Azerbaijan was divided into North and South and each section was ruled by two different empires. Since establishing Persian colonialism in 1921, powered and engineered by British coup d’etat, Reza Khan later know as Reza Shah introduced a doctrine of “One Nation, One Language, One Country” in order to create a monolithic super race nation based on the Persian culture and language. The doctrine faithfully was followed by his son Mohammad Reza Shah and by the current Islamic Republic regime in Iran. This caused detrimental consequences for Azerbaijani Turks and other non-Persian nations.

Under the monolithic super race system, Azerbaijani rights to education in their language have been denied and subjected to acts of linguicide. Azerbaijan was also subjected to other acts of genocide, geocide, passive and active assimilation, migration, cultural annihilation, humiliations and continues insults. Azerbaijani historians, musicians, poets, writers, teachers, professors, national activities, environmentalists, sports fans and natural disaster volunteers were arrested and tortured or killed. The sensitivity and fear of name “Azerbaijan” became an extreme threat to Persian national interest among the Persian politicians, Persian media and even among the ordinary Persian people. South Azerbaijani provinces always referred as North West of Iran in Persian media.

To erase name “Azerbaijan” off the territories, South Azerbaijan was divided into the current provinces of East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Ardebil, Qazvin, Zenjan, Karaj, Arak and Hamadan. Most historical places were excavated and either altered or leveled. The ancient treasures were looted and either sold in the international black market or presented as Persian history. Ten thousand year old Azerbaijani graveyards were leveled and their stone made statues were destroyed. Natural resource such as the Süngün Copper and gold mines in Varziqan (recent earthquake epicenter), Tikan Dere gold mine and hundreds of other natural resources were looted and hazardous materials were left behind resulting a serious environmental and health risks in the region.

Urmu Lake, the world second largest salt lake, is systematically being dried by Persian colonialism hoping that Azerbaijanis will flee the region soon due to the salt storms. Thus, insuring a threatless South Azerbaijan to Iran’s integrity or Persian national interest. Dry Urmu Lake will leave Ten Billion meter cubes of salt powder behind effecting more than 76 million live in the region according to UNEP. Currently about 70% of the lake is dry. Victims of the natural disasters like the recent earthquake on July 11, 2012 are completely ignored by the Persian government and even refused search and rescue operation teams to the disaster region. Hundreds of victims buried alive and more than 150,000 victims are currently living in the tents donated by the Azerbaijani people in harsh mountainous cold weather.

Given the above facts, South Azerbaijan has been under occupation of Persian colonialism in Iran. Today, 36 million South Azerbaijanis are more informed and ready to defend their national right against Persian colonialism and declare independence from Iran. South Azerbaijanis have a vision of uniting with Republic of North Azerbaijan to become one of the European countries with a prosperous economy in the region.

Yashasin Azerbaycan
Long Live Azerbaijan

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