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The RIAA is targeting lawsuits against our children, the poor, and the weak. It is targeting people who are technically unable to defend against the very downloading drug the RIAA sought for years to promote. The RIAA hooked our children, and now it is suing our children for accepting what it did to them. The RIAA warned the federal government and big business, to "stop downloading music," but it did not warn the rest of us. Why? Because it knew it could not win in any lawsuits against the federal government or big business, but it could certainly outspend any individual and bring them to their knees.

We, the undersigned, call upon you, our elected representatives; you, who work for us, and whose salaries and benefits we pay; you, who, when you are not acting in your capacity as a representative are also a citizen who suffers and benefits as we do, to STOP THE RIAA FROM CONTINUING ITS PREDATORY PRACTICE OF TARGETING AND SUING OUR CHILDREN, to stop it from targeting the weak and the poor, to stop it from misusing the laws passed to protect legitimate rights, and for it to take responsibility for the very damage that it sought to cause in the first place.

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