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Under the CSRA (civil service retirement act) Once a person serves 1 term in Congress or the Senate they receive monies the rest of their lives along with health care coverage paid for by the American tax payers.

After 5 years of service they become fully vested with a much larger retirement package. This makes the elected official more distant and out of touch with how everyday Americans live.

In 2014 Congress voted to reduce Veterans pay as well as their benefits at the same time voting themselves a pay increase!

We the undersigned call on the elected officials in Congress to repeal their current salaries and retirement benefits and enact a salary of that of our American Servicemen and women. Using a retirement of only social security, 401K just as all Americans have.

Access to only health insurance that is offered to the American people. Term limits to be put into affect of serving no more than 2 terms.

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The Congress should be on the same page as all Americans petition to Congress was written by Derek Anderson and is in the category Government at GoPetition.